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Neugeborene stillen in der Mama-Cube Stillkabine

Mama Cube 
breastfeeding cabins

– the world can wait –

About Mama Cube

Mama-Cube breastfeeding cabins give mum and baby peace and seclusion, even when life is pulsating all around. In many public places, in shopping malls, hospitals & waiting rooms, at train stations & airports or at banks & Authorities hardly find any retreat for mom and baby. Mama-Cube allows mother and child a soothing break: Protected from prying eyes, away from distraction and restlessness, the two can intensify their precious breastfeeding relationship.

Baby stillen – Mama-Cube
Baby – Mama-Cube Stillkabine


We are making Germany more breastfeeding friendly!

Our goal is to break down the barriers and inconveniences that mothers are often faced with, when they have to take care of their babies in public. Toilets or changing rooms are definitely not the right places for this. We want to create a place where moms feel welcome and supported, whether they're breastfeeding, pumping or changing their baby.


In our company we combine the Best of both worlds: We take advantage of the latest technology to produce efficiently without neglecting the values of traditional craftsmanship. This approach allows us to offer unique and high quality products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.

Germany offers mothers and families a "moderately" breastfeeding-friendly environment

This is the conclusion of the BBF research project completed in 2019

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