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Breast-feeding cabins by Mama-Cube

for a soothing break

We are pleased to introduce our breastfeeding cabins - specially designed retreats for mothers looking for a discreet and comfortable environment for breastfeeding in public places.

Our nursing cubicles are designed to meet the needs of nursing mothers. They provide a quiet and protected space where mothers can breastfeed their babies in peace.

In many public places, in shopping centers, hospitals & waiting rooms, at train stations & airports or at banks & authorities, mom and baby hardly find any opportunities to retreat.
Mama-Cube allows mother and child a soothing break: protected from prying eyes, away from distraction and restlessness, the two can intensify their precious breastfeeding relationship.

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Why you should choose our nursing cabins:

  • Privacy: Our nursing cabins are designed to provide a discreet environment.

  • Comfort: Each nursing cabin is equipped with a seat, a small changing table and a socket for electronic devices.

  • Hygiene: We attach great importance to cleanliness and hygiene. We offer an optional disinfectant dispenser and a dispenser for changing table mats for our nursing cabins.


Breastfeeding is a wonderful and important part of the mother-child bond. Let us help your clients enjoy this time to the fullest by providing the perfect breastfeeding environment.

Pumping at work

Opportunity to retreat with comfort

Breastfeeding a baby is a very special time for mothers and their newborns. Not only does it provide a valuable bonding opportunity, but it also provides the essential nutrients a baby needs for healthy development. However, when mothers return to work, continuing breastfeeding can be challenging. This is where pumping milk at work comes into play.


Pumping milk at work allows mothers to continue to provide their babies with valuable breast milk even when they are not physically present. It is a great option to meet baby's needs while meeting work commitments.


Many companies now recognize the importance of breastfeeding and pumping in the workplace and have policies and facilities in place to provide mothers with this opportunity.

These include, for example, special breastfeeding rooms or pumping stations that offer privacy and comfort while pumping. The nursing cubicles from Mama-Cube are ideal for this. Choose the right size for your premises and install a breastfeeding cabin in your company without much effort or renovation work.

In many countries, pumping is at work protected by law!

It is important to note that expressing milk in the workplace is protected by law in many countries. Employers are obliged to provide appropriate conditions and time for pumping. It is an investment in the health of employees and their children as well as in creating a family-friendly working environment.

Breastfeeding and expressing milk at work allow mothers to pursue their professional goals without sacrificing the benefits of breastfeeding. Companies that support these needs create a positive work environment that promotes work-life balance.

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