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Glückliches Baby

Mama Zone
– the world can wait –

comfortable and well thought out

A comfortable seat, several hooks for hanging up jackets and diaper bags, a changing table, disinfectant and, above all, protection and security - that's what Mama Zone offers. Quietness and togetherness are crucial, especially at the beginning of the breastfeeding relationship, so that the milk flows and the baby can suckle with concentration. Sit down, take a deep breath and relax for a moment - that's exactly what mum and baby need now.

Start: Kurse
9 sqm
Advertising space or your design
4,5 sqm
Advertising space or your design
15 sqm
Advertising space or your design

Mama Zone Basic

The "Basic" breastfeeding cubicle offers you a comfortable place to look after your child in a small area.

Mama Zone Mini

The “Mama Cube Mini” nursing and changing area is the perfect option for the tightest of spaces. Even with these small dimensions, it is still easy to provide good care for your children.

Mama Zone Maxi

The "Maxi" breastfeeding cabin is also double-walled and, in addition to improved sound insulation, also offers enough storage space for a stroller or suitcase. Simply the most comfortable way to care for your child safely and in a private atmosphere.

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